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Car broke down on the way to Phillip Island with my DAD visiting from overseas, Had it towed into the Andrew's Autos workshop at 2:30pm. Store was closing that day for Xmas 2012 break, the shop bent over backwards to have my car diagnosed and fixed before 5pm. Saved me hours and hours of train rides and taxis. Absolutely the best customer service bar none, exceptional mechanical services with the right professional equipment to get the job done. Would go back anytime, 5 stars. Cheers, guys! Chris M on Google


Andrews Autos mechanics are friendly and helpful. Great back up service. repaired my car quickly. Reasonable price for work done. Supplied ride back home and pick me up when car was ready. Good service! Lindy B on Word of Mouth Online


I am pretty impressed with the car service provided by Andrew's Autos. The waiting room facility is good and the customer service is fantastic. sweetme329 on Word Of Mouth Online


Good car service and very friendly people, a waiting area supplied with coffee, tea and hot milk - I was very impressed! Anonymous on Word of Mouth Online


At Andrews Autos I am not treated as a (typical) female. The mechanics explain things that I may not know and even show me the difference with the old part and new part and advise if something else needs repairs. Friendly great service, help on the spot for emergencies and the mechanics will transport you home when needed! pakygirl on Word of Mouth Online

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